Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm SUPER lucky!!

So I had the best day Saturday! I spent the day with my cute sister in law and my mom. We went to a Women's Achievement Conference at Dixie State College in St. George, UT. It was so much fun, but you want to know the best part???? I got to meet Brooke and Mandi !!! Their blogs are my daily reads and are chalk full of inspiration and ideas! If you haven't seen them you should!

Brooke taught a class at this Conference on how to be Thrifty and Decorating and combining the two! Mandi was the keynote speaker at the end of the day. I have followed both their blogs and they are really my inspiration for this blog and for decorating my house. So, let the decorating begin!

I was so excited to meet them both, btw they are SUPER nice, and I had to get a picture with them. :)

This is me with my mom in the middle and my cute sister in law. We had such a nice time spending it together. It was such a great day!

How was your weekend?

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