Monday, June 24, 2013

TerraShield the Best Bug Repelant

We were at a family reunion this weekend. Our reunion is always camping and it is SO much fun!! As with the mountains and camping there are bugs and at night mosquitoes. I decided to try this because I wanted to see first hand how it worked. I'm glad to say that nobody was bitten. 

I do want to share a story about TerraShield with you. My sister lives near a lot of water and they have mosquitoes in droves during the summer especially. She decided to try it out and put some in her diffuser because there were some in the room bothering her. She said instantly they were gone! The best thing about this oil is it smells so yummy! Much better then those chemical bug sprays. I recommend this to everyone during these summer months especially.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wild Orange for Mood Lifting

Wild Orange is a mood enhancing essential oil. I actually use this daily in my water. It adds a mild orange flavor to my filtered water. I have noticed that each time I add it to my water it really does help lift my mood. Another way to use it is to apply it to the back of your neck or pour a drop or two on your hands and smell the scent. It's amazing how quickly this works! Wild Orange is a permanent oil in my cabinet. I don't go anywhere without it!

Here are some Common Primary Uses for Wild Orange:
Digestion (Sluggish)
Heart Palpitations

My skin also is a lot better since using this oil. I just love this oil all around. Give it a try sometime, I think you'll like it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Common Uses for Balance

This blend is really wonderful. It brings on a feeling of calmness, peace and relaxation. I love using it when I am stressed and it just relaxes me right away! 

The essential oils found in this blend are:
Blue Tansy

Common Primary Uses are:
Back Pain
Brain Integration
Diabetic Sores
Grand Mal Seizures
Herniated Discs
Hot Flashes
Jet Lag
Lou Gehrig's Disease
Metabolism (Balance)
Mood Swings
Parkinson's Disease
So many uses and benefits from this one oil blend. I love how it smells too! My boys, husband and I put this on every night. I use it on them when they seem to be fighting and it calms every one down. I can tell you that they do NOT fight like they used to since I have been putting this oil on them every day. 
I think the trick is to use these oils daily so our bodies can get the most out of them. And since they are so potent a little really does go a long way.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fennell and my Daily routine!


Fennel is a cool essential oil that I want to talk about and tell you about why I use it. In a previous post I spoke about Deep Blue for my ankle. Well, Deep Blue has Peppermint in it which if used too much can dry up breast milk. So I searched in my Modern Essentials book to see what can help with milk production and this was one of the first essential oils to be listed. So what I do is put it on myself every morning when I get dressed and sometimes at night. I have had no issues with my milk production and I love how it smells. Reminds me a little of anise or black licorice, which I love! 

My baby snuggles up to me when I have it on because he knows it's time to go to sleep. I know there are many other uses for it such as:
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Blood Clots
Digestive System Support
Kidney Stones
Lactation (Increase Milk Production)
Pancreas Support
Skin (Revitalizing)
Tissue (Toxin Cleansing)

Now isn't this a wonderful oil? All these uses from just this one! 
It's time for you to change your life! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Essential Oils for Ear Infections

My mom always used oils in our ears when we were kids! I used to get ear infections all the time. I have used Melaleuca and Lavender for my baby. I usually rub it around the opening of the ear and it helped really well. Enjoy this video. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Introduction to doTERRA essential oils

This is a great introduction to essential oils. Please watch and enjoy. Feel free to email me or comment with any questions.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

DigestZen and stomach issues

Here's an interesting Essential Oils Blend. DigestZen is so wonderful for stomach issues. This blend works awesome if you have any digestive issues. The oils in this blend have been studied for their abilities in balancing the digestive system and in soothing many of that system's ailments. 

Any time I have an upset stomach or cramps I rub a few drops of this oil on my stomach area and 
 it really does take away any pains I'm feeling. I've noticed that since being pregnant and having my baby, my stomach doesn't process certain foods so well anymore and I was cramping up a bit. This really helps with stomach issues. In fact, my 7 year old was sick one night with the throw ups. I put some of this on his stomach and it helped him to not get sick again.

The oils that are contained in this blend are:

A special note: Be careful when pregnant. Use a small drop on the outer ear to ease morning sickness. Also, not to be used by those with epilepsy. 

*all info from Modern Essentials 4th Edition which can be purchased at Aroma Tools Website

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deep Blue for Pain Relief

About a year and a half ago, I ventured out for the first time running. My plan and goal was to train for the St. George Marathon this year! I wanted to run it the year I turned 40! Well, 9 days into my training I fell. Not any normal fall, I mean I destroyed my ankle. I actually need reconstructive surgery. Well, I was ready to have the surgery, sitting in the Pre-Op waiting to go in when they announced I couldn't have the surgery because I was pregnant! Well!! That was a crazy and unexpected surprise! 

Now I have a 6 month old and my ankle and foot are still hurting! I am going to be honest, the reason I signed up initially was so I could buy the Deep Blue oil at wholesale price. This oil is AMAZING! The minute I put it on my foot, the pain goes away! It is so nice because I am not able to have the surgery yet because I am still nursing. I plan to have it after I am finished, so this oil is a God allows me to walk.
It's really worth it's weight in gold!

I have also used it on my mom. She has a really bad back and we put this oil on her back as well as the Deep Blue Rub at the same time! She was amazed at how quickly it took the pain away. And the best part for me is there are NO chemicals in it! Straight from the Earth the way God intended. I love sharing my experiences. I am going to have some guest bloggers on from time to time to share what they have learned too! I hope this post was informative. 

Have a blessed day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Finding Balance

 As some of you may or may not know, I have a 16 year old boy who is severely autistic, he doesn't speak and needs constant help. He is a sweet spirit and I love him with all my heart! He is ALWAYS moving and on the go! And I mean ALWAYS!! He does NOT have an off switch. A couple weeks ago, we were sitting in church and he was so hyper and loud, more than usual, so I reached for my Balance essential Oil blend and began to put it on his neck and forehead. What happened next was astounding! Within 5 minutes, he was completely calm and quiet. I was shocked! I didn't think I would get such a quick reaction to this oil with him. I couldn't believe it!

Now, I use this on him each Sunday during church so that he can be more calm. I know there are other oils that may work best for him, but it's exciting to find out this information. I hope it may help someone out there that wants to go a more natural route with their children and/or self. 

There are several oils that can be used for autism and ADD/ADHD that I have only scratched the surface. I am going to delve into this subject a lot more and I will definitely share what I find. You see, I do NOT want to medicate my child if it's not necessary and just because he's a happy, loud, hyper active child doesn't mean he deserves to be sedated. (This is my personal opinion for my child only).

For now, every time I pull out the oil, he smiles at me and waits for me to apply it. I love it! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Softest Lips Ever!

This may seem strange to blog about lip balm, but I have to tell you what happened to me. First, I need to give you a little background about lip balm and my lips. You see, I have always had a nervous habit of picking at my chapped lips. It's a bad habit that I've been dealing with my whole life. My husband gets ticked at me every time I slip and do it again. So, I thought I would try the doTERRA Lip Balm.

OH. MY. WORD. This lip balm is made from Lavender and Wild Orange essential oils. The lavender has so many uses for the skin and it is so soothing. The Wild Orange tastes yummy and helps with lifting mood. Well, I have to tell you when it arrived, my lips were in a terrible state and I was very anxious to put it on. It was very soothing and after putting it on my lips I noticed that the lip balm lasted for a very long time. I kept re-applying it every time my lips felt dry and within two, that's 2, days my lips were completely healed! Now, I don't know about anyone else, but when my lips are super chapped and have torn skin they DO NOT heal that fast with anything I have tried out there. I couldn't believe it!! I do not go anywhere without this Lip Balm now. My lips haven't looked this good in years! All I can say is I will never use another Lip Balm again. And the best's only $4 (wholesale)!! Can't beat that!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New and Natural Path

I am taking this blog in a new direction. House decorating was a great thought, but I don't have the time or the passion frankly to blog about it. So, I'm steering this blog towards my experiences with doTERRA essential oils. I'm not sure who will read this but I am going to record all my experiences with essential oils. 

I was first introduced to essential oils about 17 years ago, but didn't do much with them because we were pregnant with our first and a poor married couple! haha. Now, fast forward to my friend Sharee who has been using doTERRA essential oils for the past two has been sharing her experiences with me over and over. I called her and decided I was ready to learn more about these essential oils because of all her experiences. 

I decided to sign up to be a consultant. Now, originally I only did it for the discount! I mean, who wants to pay full price for anything these days? I love buying these oils at wholesale. Well, as I started using these oils I just couldn't stop telling everyone about them! In my first month, I had 3 people interested in having their own wholesale account and starting their own businesses too! So, now this is more than just a simple wholesale account. 

If anyone is interested in learning more about getting your oils at wholesale price or for free then follow the link at the top right hand side of this blog. This is just an introduction to why I am involved with doTERRA Essential Oils. I have experienced some exciting effects with the oils I have used so far and I can't wait to share them with you.

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