Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deep Blue for Pain Relief

About a year and a half ago, I ventured out for the first time running. My plan and goal was to train for the St. George Marathon this year! I wanted to run it the year I turned 40! Well, 9 days into my training I fell. Not any normal fall, I mean I destroyed my ankle. I actually need reconstructive surgery. Well, I was ready to have the surgery, sitting in the Pre-Op waiting to go in when they announced I couldn't have the surgery because I was pregnant! Well!! That was a crazy and unexpected surprise! 

Now I have a 6 month old and my ankle and foot are still hurting! I am going to be honest, the reason I signed up initially was so I could buy the Deep Blue oil at wholesale price. This oil is AMAZING! The minute I put it on my foot, the pain goes away! It is so nice because I am not able to have the surgery yet because I am still nursing. I plan to have it after I am finished, so this oil is a God allows me to walk.
It's really worth it's weight in gold!

I have also used it on my mom. She has a really bad back and we put this oil on her back as well as the Deep Blue Rub at the same time! She was amazed at how quickly it took the pain away. And the best part for me is there are NO chemicals in it! Straight from the Earth the way God intended. I love sharing my experiences. I am going to have some guest bloggers on from time to time to share what they have learned too! I hope this post was informative. 

Have a blessed day!

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