Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fennell and my Daily routine!


Fennel is a cool essential oil that I want to talk about and tell you about why I use it. In a previous post I spoke about Deep Blue for my ankle. Well, Deep Blue has Peppermint in it which if used too much can dry up breast milk. So I searched in my Modern Essentials book to see what can help with milk production and this was one of the first essential oils to be listed. So what I do is put it on myself every morning when I get dressed and sometimes at night. I have had no issues with my milk production and I love how it smells. Reminds me a little of anise or black licorice, which I love! 

My baby snuggles up to me when I have it on because he knows it's time to go to sleep. I know there are many other uses for it such as:
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Blood Clots
Digestive System Support
Kidney Stones
Lactation (Increase Milk Production)
Pancreas Support
Skin (Revitalizing)
Tissue (Toxin Cleansing)

Now isn't this a wonderful oil? All these uses from just this one! 
It's time for you to change your life! 

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